Veterans Affairs (DVA) Online - Processing Claims


After the DVA voucher has been submitted from the Treatment tab, the claim will need to be submitted to Medicare.

A claim can contain up to a maximum of 80 vouchers.

  1. Go to Insurances > DVA Claims tab

  2. Transaction: Claim

  3. Highlight the claim to be submitted

  4. Click Submit Claim

    1. Provider: Provider performed the treatment

    2. Claim #: The Claim ID

    3. Status: Unclaimed/Check Voucher

    4. Date: Treatment Date

    5. Patient: Patient's details

    6. DVA Card #: Patient's DVA Card Number

    7. Invoice #: Invoice Number

    8. Claimed: Amount claimed on this invoice

    9. Error: The error returned by Medicare will be displayed in this column

    10. Include: Untick a voucher if not to be submitted with the claim

  5. Enter the passphrase

  6. Click OK

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