Send New Patient Welcome Pack via D4W Marketing


A Welcome Pack can be automatically posted to patients either with an upcoming appointment or after their first visit. The below instructions will send a Welcome Pack to New Patients who Attended an appointment last week (Mon - Sun). Automation can be set to daily if preferred. 

Patients will only receive communication based on their Send To preferences, if sending via e-mail and they do not have this selected, they will not receive it. 

The following is only possible if DMMI Automatic is configured. This setting does impact the way Recalls are sent; they will be set to semi-automated if changed. 

  1. Go to Location Management > Automation tab > Appointments sub-tab

  2. Select Welcome Packs

  3. Set / Type sub-tab

    1. Location: Select the location / all locations the packs will be sent for

    2. Books: Select the books the packs should send for, recommend all Providers

    3. Include when: Select the New Patient and Attended Appointment Statuses, and All selected Status are present                                                                                             mceclip2.png

    4. Update the Appointment with: Tick the checkbox then select the Appointment Status that represents a pack has been sent – this is optional                                                         mceclip3.png         
    5. DMMi Batch: Tick to enable D4W Marketing features

    6. Select when to send the survey to patients, e.g. Always send to Patient                                mceclip4.png

  4. Reminders sub-tab

    1. Letters Template: Select 1 from the drop list, then select the relevant Welcome Pack template      Leave all other methods blank as the welcome packs are only posted at presentmceclip5.png

  5. Schedule sub-tab

    1. Set the frequency of the reminder

      1. Weekly: Tick the day of the week to run the batch, e.g. Monday                             mceclip6.png

    2. Set the Start Date and Run Time                                                                      mceclip7.png

    3. Include patients who have appointmentsSimple: Last Week       

    4. To check settings, click the check upcoming run dates button                               mceclip8.png

    5. Enable the schedule by placing a tick in the checkbox                                                          

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