Webinar: Attracting Patients Back to the Practice - Reactivations


Learn how to send reactivation SMS, e-mail and/or printed matter to patients who have not visited the practice for treatment in a period. Sending reactivations can be completed by creating your own templates or using professionally designed templates in D4W Marketing.

The webinar will cover how to send both manually and set an automated schedule so that every second Monday of the month, patients who have not visited in 18 months will be contacted, for example.

Presenter: Veronica Emerson - Training Manager and Ana Ogier - Training Supervisor and Enterprise Trainer

Held on 16 June 2020 (AEST - Sydney, Australia) 

Duration: 60mins (Webinar + Q&A)


If you are interested in a personalized training session for your practice on this topic, click here for a quote.

*Webinar recordings are only available for 7 days after the event and sent to those who register only.


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