Victorian General Dental Scheme (VGDS) Payment Management


The amount of fee an eligible patient pays depends on their dental problem and circumstances.

Refer to Dental Health Services Victoria for details.

This articles shows how to setup in Patient's file and process payment for an adult patient with a Concession Card, under Victorian General Dental Scheme (VGDS).


Setup Invoice Responsible Party

  1. Go to Patient Records > Patients tab > Address sub-tab

  2. Send Invoices to:

    1. Select Third Party

    2. Select Victorian General Dental Scheme from Now viewing droplist

    3. Click OK

Setup Fee Level for Patient

  1. Go to Patient Records > Patients tab > Insurance/Various sub-tab

  2. Select Victorian General Scheme in Location Fee Level droplist


Receive Payment 

When patient arrives, provider can request that the patient pay $29 upfront for the visit.

  1. Go to Patient Records > Receipts tab

  2. Receipts menu > New Receipt

  3. Enter Amount and Payment Type

  4. Click Create or Print

Now the $29 sits in the patient's account as a deposit to pay off this visit.


Create Invoice

  1. Go to Patient Records > Treatment tab

  2. Enter treatment items or transfer items from Treatment Plan tab

  3. Go to Itemised Invoices > New Invoice Only

  4. Make sure the Main Responsible Party is Third Party > Victorian General Dental Scheme

  5. Click Receive Payment

  6. Tick

    Autoallocate deposits
  7. Click Create
    The balance of the invoice is what VGDS owes the provider.


Print Invoice

  1. Go to Patient Records > Treatment tab

  2. Itemised Invoices menu > Re-print Invoice

  3. Select the outstanding invoice

  4. Tick Show Invoice details

  5. Highlight the patient's payment

  6. Click OK


Setup to Use Victorian General Dental Scheme (VGDS)

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