Update the patient's Recall Date when Cancelling or Deleting Appointment


When Automated Recall Reminders are enabled, a patient's Recall Date can be updated when an appointment is cancelled or deleted.

This will ensure the patient can be included in an upcoming recall batch and not get lost in the system.

This will only apply when the patient's recall date is in the past and therefore would not be captured in a recall batch.

The number of days to set the new Recall Date (from the existing Recall Date) can be defined.

  1. Go to Location Setup > General tab

  2. Group: Appointment Book

    1. Update Recall date when cancelling or deleting appointment: Select Manual via Dialogue to enable the featuremceclip0.png

    2. Days to move recall when cancelling or deleting appointment: Enter the required the number of days (default = 30)mceclip1.png

  1. The patient's Recall Date must be in the pastmceclip2.png

  2. Delete or cancel the appointment

  3. Click Update recall date to change the recall date to the suggested datemceclip3.png

  4. If Manually update recall is ticked, the new recall date can be manually entered. A table with the next six upcoming recall batches is displayed with the run date and capture dates.mceclip4.png

  5. Click Update Recall Date to set the new recall date


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