MediaSuite New Features Release - Build 4026


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 4026 and higher.

For instructions on how to upgrade, click here


New and Enhanced Features

Correction of Grayscale Images  

Grayscale images that have incorrect meta-data are automatically corrected using Auto Contract - Instructions


Mediascan: Setup and Capture interface enhancements 

  • The PC name and Mediascan IP address is displayed in the Setup window 
  • The plate count, plate serial number and Mediascan IP address is displayed in the Capture window 


Customised toolbar setting 

More options for saving customised toolbars have been added to Mediasuite - Instructions  


EasyDent 3D objects can be exported after conversion

Ability to export 3D objects, in standard Dicom format, that have been imported after conversion from EasyDent - Instructions


Export objects via Windows Explorer  

Folder can be created in the Windows Explorer window when exporting an object from Mediasuite  - Instructions


New Carestream 

The capture process has been streamlined by the new interface where bypasses the Carestream UI and multiple images can be taken - Instructions   


Mediasuite Report

The date of when the image was taken is displayed in the report - Instructions 


Import video files 

Ability to import Apple devices videos (.MOV format) in to Mediasuite - Instructions 


Default size for e-mail attachments 

The size of the e-mail attachment now defaults to Original size - Instructions 


Multicolour default preferences  

The default colour has changed from Sepia to Multicolour 1 to provide a more colourful palette - Instructions 


Display deleted object 

The Display deleted objects no longer highlighted when a Study is deleted - Instructions 



The following issues have been resolved in the upgrade.

  • Morita CBCT interface missing patient details.

  • E-mail interface to use the system MAPI dLL.

  • Unlimited imports after conversion from 3rd party system.

  • Intermittent wrong icon orientation after refresh (F5).

  • Export in DICOM format to support the tsclient path.

  • Standalone: Fields Dentist and DOB to be saved when patient Card No is changed.


  • MediaScan 2 interface to support new Fire CR Dental SDK and unit Firmware.

  • Care Stream Dental interface to upgrade to the new SDK

  • Acteon cameras button integration.

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