Mediasuite: Reports


This report generates a list of all images taken in Mediasuite. 

Run the Report 

  1. Go to menu > Select Reports...

    1. Dates: Select the period to base this report on

    2. Actions: Select which action/s to how on the report

    3. Current patient: If ticked only searches the current patients data, if unticked all patient’s data is searched

    4. Object ID: When an image is saved in Mediasuite it assigned a unique (sequential) ID (number); this is Object’s (or image’s Object ID). If specified only data for a specific image is reported, if blank all images are reported 

    5. Special Actions: Select which action to display on the report

    6. Staff members: Select the staff responsible for the images 

    7. Locations: Select the Location o base this report on, if applicable mceclip0.png

    8. Click Run

Report Details



Date when Action was performed 


Date when Action was performed  


Patient's name

Card Num

Patient's D4W card number


Current Provider as passed from D4W when Action was performed


 Mediasuite action being reported

PC name

 Name of PC where Action was performed


 Location as passed from D4W when Action was performed 

Object ID

 Unique identifier of the image that had Action performed


  1. Export formats: Select export format

  2. Open exported file: Tick to open exported file

  3. Selection to Clipboard: Will copy the selected data to the clipboard: 

  4. Click Export





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