Mediasuite: Preferences - Application


Custom filters and user defined filters can be setup allowing each provider to setup their own filter preferences.  

  1.  Go to Go To menu > Preferences

  2. Application tab mceclip0.png

  3. Image display 

    1. Activate Windows Smoothing: Turn on Windows smoothing OFF/ON 

  4. Display on object icons

    1. Tick which data is shown under thumbnails in Mediasuite
  5. Internet upgrade reminder

    1. Setup the period for upgrade reminder

  6. Production

    1. Select Production or Pilot from drop list for the internet upgrade

  7. E-mail settings

  8. Names of exported objects

    1. Tick which fields to use when naming export files/image 

  9. Tooth Numbering 

    1. Select which tooth numbering to use in Mediasuite 

  10. User Toolbar Global Settings

    1. Untick to use personal settings

  11. Media Categories 

    1. Add/Delete Media categories 

  12. Image changes update

    1. Update on the mouse stop: Apply changes when mouse stops or not moving

    2. Delay's: Select seconds to delay the mouse 

  13. Click OK

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