Practice Analytics: View Patient Fees from First Seen Date


A table can be created in the Items KPI report in Practice Analytics to show the fees applied to a patients file since their First Seen Date.

Run the Report  

  1. Click Items under the KPI menu

  2. Remove current headings if not applicable by dragging and dropping to the heading list. 

  3. To build this KPI table, click and drag the below headings:


    The fee per item from the treatment tab. If the Qty is more than 1, the fee will be multiplied with the total found in the Amount column.

    First Seen Date

    The date of the first item entered in the Treatment, excluding items marked as Non-Treatment

    Px Card No

    The card number of the Patient

    Tx date

    The date of the item (treatment) from the treatment tab.

Filter data

Data can be filtered anywhere this icon pic_6.PNG is found. When a filter has been applied to a heading, the filter icon will turn to blue. 

  1. Click on the filter icon and select the dates you want to show 

  2. Click OK

KPI Table Details

Drill Down

  1. Click Drill Down to see more information



The format of the table can be saved in a View. This means the format of the table above is saved.

  1. Click Views

  2. Click mceclip2.png to add a View                                                                                                   

  3. Enter the name of the View and click Update                                                               

  4. Click Save View                                                                                               

Export data

  1. Click Export to Excel icon (top right corner)

  2. Click KPI Table 

  3. Choose location of the file to be saved in

  4. Enter a File Name 

  5. Click Save

Video: Practice Analytics Overview  

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