Mediasuite: Archive Objects


As more images are created, this takes up space in the Data folders. This can increase backup time.

Images created before a specific date can be archived.

NOTE: This procedure can only be completed when in Administrator mode and can only be performed by Centaur Staff.

  1. Go to Go To menu > Administrator

  2. Enter the Administrator username and password

Once entered into Administrator mode, objects can now be archived.

  1. Go to Go To menu > System Setup

  2. Enter the password

  3. Click Archiving objects

    1. Total number: Total number of images in the database

    2. Archived (with non-deleted files): Total number of currently archived images

    3. Archive Path: Path to save archived files. Once this is set, it is not recommended to change this path

    4. To be archived media objects: Total number of images to be archived

    5. Archiving media objects maximal date: Any images created after this date will not be archived.

    6. Archive video objects: Tick to include video files

    7. Archive 3D objects: Tick to include 3D files

    8. Click Start to begin the process

    9. Click OK once the archiving is finished

  4. Once the images have been archived a folder is created in the Archive Pathmceclip5.png

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