eService New Features Release - Web Stable 44


The following new and enhanced features are available in Web Stable 44 and higher. Web Stable releases are automatically applied to the service; however, some features are dependent on D4W too. To receive the full benefits of the eService features we recommend to be on the latest build of D4W. 

For instructions on how to upgrade D4W, click here.

New and Enhanced Features

Easy Booking Confirmation SMS Text

The Easy Booking Confirmation SMS text message to the patient has been reworded to direct the patient to enter the confirmation code to complete the booking.


Generating an Access Code for eForms - New message

An error message will appear if the mobile number is not present in the patient's file when generating an access code for eForms in the practice. A number needs to be present to generate the access code.


Redesign of the eForms Report

The eForms Report has been redesigned to provide users with multiple locations to view the total number of forms submitted by all practices- Instructions


iFrame Behavioural Change

The iFrame behaviour has been redesigned to enable it to work with the browsers with preventing cross-site tracking feature. - Instructions





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