Reports: eServices eForms Report


The eService eForms Report provides details of the eForms submitted at a single or multiple locations.

Run the Report

  1. Go to eService Portal > Menu

  2. Select Analytical Dashboards > eForms Report

  3. eService eForms Analytical Report

    1. Submitted: Select the period when the reform was submitted to base this report on 

    2. Organization: This is optional, select the organization or all from the droplist

    3. Surgery: This is optional, select the surgery or all from the droplist   

    4. Click Retrieve 

    5. Select .xlsx. The report will be saved in this format

    6. Total Submitted: The total number of forms submitted. 

    7. Total Submitted by new patients: The total and percentage of the number of forms submitted by new patients


Report Details



The practice name 


Number of forms 

Forms Online

Number of forms submitted online

Submitted by new patients

Number of forms submitted by new patients

Submitted by all patients 

Number of forms submitted by all patient 

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