Security Recommendations


Many of the actions that can be performed in D4W have the option to add security. We highly recommend that you review your security regularly. 

Below are only some of the recommendations where security should be applied. 

  • Apply Template to Appointment Book

  • Modify Appointed By (AutoFill based on Security Prompt and Update when Rescheduled)

  • Delete Appointment

  • Delete from Cancellation List

  • Delete a Patient

  • Delete Patient History Records

  • Delete Referred to Record

  • Duplicate Patient Merge

  • Remove Allergies Present, Med. Cond Present, Problems

  • Clinical Notes Access - all areas

  • Delete Charting and its Plan

  • Access to Audit Trail Reports - all areas

  • Delete Whole Treatment Plan

  • Modify Date/Author of Charting/Perio/Treatment Plan

  • Delete Item from Treatment

  • Change Fee in Treatment

  • Clear Bad Debt 

  • Reverse Invoice

  • Edit Invoice

  • Mark Bad Debt

  • Modify/Reverse Discount in Accounts

  • Override FEE MODE, using discounts/adjustments

  • Reverse Claim

  • Create Bounced / Reversal Payment

  • Reverse Bounced / Reversal Payment           

  • Reverse Deposit Refund    

  • Reverse Receipt           

  • Reverse Refund from Receipts for Treatment     

  • Modify Discount in Receipt

  • Delete Documents

  • Provider Tab Access

  • Staff Tab Access

  • Modify Staff Attendance Time

  • Banks Tab Access

  • Bank Slips Tab Access

  • Delete Bank Slip

  • Take Cash Out

  • Reports Tab Access

  • Fees Tab Access

  • Promotions Tab

  • Queries Tab Access

  • Debtors Tab Access

  • Security Tab Access

  • Delete Audit Trails, Patients with no Records, Unlock All

  • System Tables Tab Access






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