National Dental Plan: Payment - Outstanding Balance


Once the National Dental Plan has been approved and activated the payments can be received in D4W. 

If the payment from National Dental Plan has been received and is for treatment that has been completed, follow the below steps to enter the payment in D4W. 

  1. Receiving the NDP Payment

    Regularly check your e-mails for a Remittance Advice/Tax Invoice from National Dental Plan

  2. Outstanding balance payment into D4W  

    1. Go to Patient Records > Receipts tab 
    2. Receipts menu > New Receipt 
      1. Payment from: Select Third Party, National Dental Plan - Upfront
      2. Date: Enter the date the deposit was originally received 
      3. Amount: Enter the amount received from the National Dental Plan 
      4. Cheque/Deposit Name: New Plan Number from Remittance Advice - optional 
      5. Payment Type: Select NDP Payment 
      6. Select Autoallocate payments 
        If Autoallocate payments incorrectly disperse. Untick and manually allocate the payment.
      7. Send unapplied (deposit) amount to the following/Provider: Select NDP - Upfront NDP Provider
      8. Click Create

National Dental Plan: Payment - Deposit for Planned Treatment

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