D4W Mobile: Add new Staff for D4W Mobile


For security purposes, connecting to D4W Mobile requires a complex password, which the user's current D4W password may not meet.

If the user does not wish to change their D4W password, a new staff member can be added specifically for D4W Mobile use.

Add New Staff Member

  1. Go to Location Management > Staff tab

  2. Operations menu > New Record

  3. Fill in the details of the Staff member. The following details are required

    1. Title

    2. Surname

    3. First Name

For easy reference in drop lists throughout the system, change the Code to the staff's/ provider's initials.


Set Password

  1. Go to Location Setup > Security tab > Users sub-tab

  2. Double click on the relevant user 

    1. Click Password

      1. Enter the password

      2. Click OK

    2. Click OK again to finish the password setup

    3. Make sure this user has access to Mobile App
      1. Highlight the user name
      2. Right-hand-side of screen in Modes/Actions: > D4W system > tick Mobile App Access

Please note, Password requirements for Mobile App are:

  1. Between 6-10 characters

  2. A mix of letters and numbers

  3. No special characters allowed

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