D4W/PS New Features Release Notes - Build 4897


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 4897 and higher.

For instructions on how to upgrade, click here

New and Enhanced Features 

Consolidated Patient Report

This report has been enhanced to include Treatment Plan notes- Instructions   


Setup default for Patient Categories 

Setup default Patient's Category for new patients. 


Professions List

The Professions List under Staff and Provider's tab will no longer contain User Groups to stop security groups being changed from those tabs.  


E-mail field in Providers, Staff / Lab Staff tabs

A field to collect the e-mail address for providers, staff and lab staff has been added to their respective tabs - Instructions 


Treatment Plan Print out 

The word 'Quote' has been added to the Treatment Plan printout as per the Australian Tax Office guidelines. 


Link Fee level to Insurance Funds

Ability to link Fee levels to Insurance Funds - Instructions 


Queries Automation is available for all countries

The Queries Automation is now available for all Dental4Windows users - Instructions 


Print Group Invoices 

Those using Group Invoices will be able to print a list of all invoices showing in this tab 


Search Patient's Insurance Plan 

When setting up the patient's file an Insurance Claim, users have now the option to search from a drop-down list or dialog - Instructions 

This feature is useful for UAE D4W Users. 


Australia only 

DVA 2020 Fee Schedule Update

The new 2020 DVA Fee Schedule has been uploaded in Dental4Windows to allow existing DVA Online users to update the new fee schedule - Instructions 


Add Patient Communication Items in Patient’s Treatment for Recalls sent via D4W Marketing 

Automatically add Recall item to patients treatment when a recall is sent via D4W Marketing - Instructions 


National Dental Plan: The name Certegy has been replaced by NDP or Humm throughout Dental4Windows 


Previous name


General Setting 

NDP (Certegy) 

NDP (Humm)

NDP (DMA and Certegy) 

NDP (DMA and Humm)

Treatment Plan menu

Certegy Application

NDP Application 

Submit Certegy Application window

Submit Certegy Application

Submit NDP Application

Please select the items to include in the Certegy Application

Please select the items to include in the NDP Application

Find/View menu

Certegy Applications (Selected family)

NDP Applications (Selected family) 

Go to menu

Certegy Applications (All Patients)

NDP Applications (All Patients)

Certegy Applications window (these changes will show on the Print list)  

Certegy Applications 

NDP Applications

Certegy Reference

Humm Reference

Provider tab

Certegy Merchant ID

NDP Merchant ID 


National Dental Plan: Default Deposit%, Establishment Fee, Monthly Fee changes can be made

In Dental4Windows in General Settings changes can be made to the Default Deposit%, Establishment Fee and Monthly Fee without the assistance of Centaur Staff - Instructions


National Dental Plan: Patient's Fee display

The patient fees have been updated on the Treatment Plan footer and at the Submit NDP Application. 


National Dental Plan: Increase to deposit field 

The deposit field in the NDP Treatment Plan printout can display deposit with amounts greater than six characters.


National Dental Plan: Auto-adjustment of the deposit 

To avoid submitting an application with a borrowing amount that exceeds $12000.00 and being declined, the deposit field will auto-adjust to increase the deposit to ensure the borrowing amount does not exceed $12000.00 - Instructions 



The United Arab Emirates Only 

Practice Analytics available for UAE

Practice Analytics is now available for all UAE Dental4Windows users - Instructions 


Use Alternate Provider in eClaim

The treatment performed by the students can be submitted in eClaims under the Instructor license - Instructions 


Attachments are Mandatory for RCT Items

Procedures that require document/s to be attached to the claim can have the items marked as mandatory for attachments - Instructions 


Prompt on Prior Submissions

The users will be prompted if the claim has been previously submitted to avoid the claim to be rejected. 



Cyprus Only 

SMS Appointment Reminders via "SMS to" Gateway


The following issues have been resolved in the upgrade.

  • Network conflicts since D4w upgrade to 4778

  • Automation: Allow Notification Email Address to send to domains with numbers

  • Issue with Comparing Perio Charts showing incorrect data

  • UAE: eClaims - Unexpected Event on Resubmission


  • Dr Jeevan BI Tool - Invoices and Receipts change request: de-select 'Accrual based' option.

  • Changes to EDR

  • New SE OTP SMS Master Password system for Support Engineers


  • Manual SQL to Add ICD

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