National Dental Plan: Setup or update NDP Terms, Fees & Deposit %


The Default deposit %, Establishment Fee and Monthly Fee can be changed to reflect any changes that may occur. New payment terms can also be added.

  • Changes can only be made if notification has been received from the National Dental Plan and/or Humm.

  • Any changes made by you that National Dental Plan and/or Humm have not authorised will be automatically changed to the original setting at the application process.

  1. Go to Location Set up > General tab

  2. Group: National Dental Plan

  3. Establishment Fee to be charged

  4. Monthly Fee to be charged

  5. NDP Payment Terms 

    1. Update payment terms by selecting the square

    2. Edit existing Term (months) by entering new amount of months
    3. Edit Max Balance ($) by entering new balance
    4. Edit Deposit (%) by entering new deposit %
  6. Select Add to enter a new payment term

    1. Enter Term (Months), Max Balance and Deposit (%)
    2. Select OK
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