Applying Co-Payment to an Invoice


Co-Payment is used when the rebate amount for a Health Fund Insurance Plan is entered manually in D4W/PS. 

The following are some entitles using the Co-Payment feature:

Setup Co-Payment 

  1. Go to Insurance > Insurances tab

  2. Insurance in view: Select Insurance  

  3. Highlight the Insurance Plan if already setup or Add New Insurance Company 

  4. Click Edit

  5. Tick co-Payment is allowed

  6. Amount: Enter rebate amount for each itemmceclip0.png

  7. Click OK

Applying Co-Payment 

  1. Go to Patient Records > Treatment tab

  2. Enter item/s 

  3. Itemised Invoices menu > Select New Invoice Only/ Press F2 key / Click New Invoice icon

  4. Tick Show extended attributes > Tick Auto allocation mceclip2.png

  5. Click OK to the following message 

  6. Click Create or Receive Payment to receive the gap

Receiving Payment 

When the Insurance/Scheme payment is received, it should be entered against the relevant patient(s).

Pay an Outstanding Balance 


Create a new Group Invoice 

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