eService New Features Release - Web Stable 45


The following new and enhanced features are available in Web Stable 44 and higher. Web Stable releases are automatically applied to the service; however, some features are dependent on D4W too. To receive the full benefits of the eService features we recommend being on the latest build of D4W. 

For instructions on how to upgrade D4W, click here.

New and Enhanced Features 

Redesigned the eAppointments Page

It has been designed for a better workflow and navigation through the page.


Redesign the Edit Templates page

The Edit Templates page has been designed so that the hints are visible all the time.


Redesign to the Family Members page

The Family members page has been redesigned to include the new feature of restoring a family member that has been just deleted.


Booking Confirmation page for Easy Booking mode

A booking confirmation has been added to the Easy Booking Mode process. The patient can view all the details of the booking.


Customisation of the Display Options

Within the display options, the link to redirect to another location after making a booking can be customised - Instructions


A Simple Search for Locating Appointments 

The new interphase for making an appointment is now available for Multi-location practice


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