Time Zone Adjustment Per Location


When running a Multiple location database where the locations are in different time zones to the server, this can affect Automation and Scheduled Reports.

Enable the Feature

Advanced Programming Settings need to be enabled.

  1. Go to Location Setup > General tab

  2. Group: System Settings

  3. Time Zone Adjustments

    1. Off: Time zones not used (default setting)

    2. On: A time zone can be allocated to each Location

Set the Time Zone of a Location

  1.  Go to Location Setup > Location tab

  2. Select the Location

  3. Select the required Time Zone from the drop list

Set Active Time Zones

  1.  Go to Location Setup > System Tables tab

  2. System Tables: Time Zones

  3. Tick Is Active to include the Time Zone in the drop listmceclip2.png

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