Setup Patient File for Insurance Claim


There are different ways on how the Patient's Insurance Information to process a claim can be entered in D4W.

Single Insurance

  1. Go to Patient Records > Patients tab > Insurance/Various sub-tab

  2. Select relevant Insurance Company and Insurance Plan 

  3. Enter Member ID and Series

  4. Date from if applicable 

Multiple Insurance 

We recommend that all users have multiple insurance companies' setup. 

  1. Go to Patient Records > Patients tab > Insurance/Various sub-tab

  2. Insurance Level: Click List                                                                     

    1. Click Add

    2. Select relevant Insurance Fund

    3. Enter Member ID

    4. Enter Series

    5. Click Exit

If the dialog setting is turned on, users can search the Insurance Plan by description. This setting is recommended for all UAE D4W users.


If the Insurance Fund is linked to a Fee Level the following message will appear if the Fee Levels don't match with the Insurance Fund. 






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