Veterans Affairs (DVA) Online: Treatment Plan, Treatment & Invoicing


Treatment Tab

The items performed are processed from the Treatment tab to generate a DVA voucher for the patient to sign.


  1. Go to Patients > Treatment tab

  2. Itemised Invoices menu > New Invoice Only

    1. Change the Main Responsible Party to InsuranceDVA Online

    2. Tick Claim through Medicare Online to open the DVA Claim Details box

    3. The below fields will be auto populated if the information was entered in Patient details tab

      1. DOB: The patient's Date of Birth
      2. Card Number: The patient's DVA Card Number
      3. Card Type: Gold/White
      4. Conditions: The patient's medical conditions
      5. Referring Prv: Referral Source
    4. The below will need to be entered by the surgery at the time of the claim if necessary.

      1. Referral Override: Select from the drop list
      2. In Hospital: Select from the drop list
      3. Hospital Name: Enter the hospital name for the procedure
      4. Admission Date: Enter the Date
      5. Discharge Date: Enter the Date
    5. Notes: Click the Notes column

      1. Distance KM: Select the distance
      2. Number of Teeth: Select the number of teeth
      3. Jaw: Select from the drop down list
      4. Time of Service: Enter the time
      5. Multiple Procedure Override: Select from the drop down list
      6. Duplicate Service Override: Select from the drop down list
      7. Service Text: Enter the details of the service
    6. Click OK

    7. Click Print. The Treatment Service Voucher printout must be on A4 paper.
    8. The item/s will turn purple to signify they have been included in a claim.

    9. The voucher can be reprinted under the Claims tab.

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