D4W/ PS New Features Release - Build 4965


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 4965 and higher.

For instructions on how to upgrade, click here

New and Enhanced Features 

HICAPS - Adjusted Gap Processing

Adjusted GAP Processing feature will ensure the providers are charging the preferred provider fee agreed by the Health Fund - Instructions 


Clinical notes cancellation confirmation window  

To avoid Clinical notes being deleted accidentally, a pop-up message will appear if pressing cancel.


Teeth Notation Options 

Introducing USA Teeth numbers in 2D / 3D Charting and Perio Chart- Instructions 


Setup default for Patient Categories 

Setup default Patient's Category for new patients also when created from the Appointment Book.


Nonstandard Slot Security

Security is available to add Nonstandard Slot in the Appointment Book - Instructions 


Location list in Group Invoices 

When working with Group Invoices the location can be selected - Instructions 


The invoice ID is included in the Total Receipts reports 

The Invoice ID number is showing when exporting Total Receipts and Total Receipts with Provider reports.


Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP Authentication Integration

Dental4windows now supports Microsoft Active Directory Authentication and LDAP Authentication for their users. For setup contact Centaur Support


D4W MS Word Link- Letters opening as .DOCX extension

Letters are now saved in the newest Microsoft word link format.  


Setup Provider to only see their own Appointment Book 

When working in a Multi-location environment a provider can see their own books or all books within the location - Instructions   


Australia Only 

Add DOB to Prescriptions 

The date of birth can be added to the Medicare Computerised Prescription - Instructions 


D4W Marketing - Handling Patient's with no Address 

Patients who are set to receive letters but do not have an address are no longer included in the D4W Marketing exports.

To book a D4W Marketing demo click here.


The United Arab Emirates Only 

Add items to UAE Database 

CDT 2018 Item code list has been updated in the UAE database - Instructions 


Improve ICD Code Selection 

The ICD codes can be searched by Items and Descriptions - Instructions 


eClaims: Semi-Automate Remittance 

D4W can reconcile multiple eClaims based on the Payment Reference Number.  - Instructions


eClaims: Remove Restriction when Adding Same Provider License 

There is no longer restriction on adding the same eClaims Provider license number for the same provider under multiple locations - Instructions 



The following issues have been resolved in the upgrade.

  • Fees mode - Issue in "Preferred Provider scheme List"

  • Intermittently, some SMS replies not being received into D4W 

  • Automation mode - Issue with "Update Recall Sets/Types" 

  • Your Computer Identification Number (CIN) is: <unknown>" message shown

  • An unexpected event...: message appears when trying to change period of "Patient category". 

  • NDP: PDF file doesn't open in "Documents mgr" tab

  • Treatment done report under 'Patient Consolidated report' not word wrapping

  • Problem with "New Patient" status and eAppt following D4w upgrade 

  • Unexpected event error when previewing automation SMS template 

  • When in 2D chart mode, when conditions are on a tooth and that tooth is removed, conditions remain on screen

  • Issues with "HICAPS" method of payment

  • "Receipts" tab - issue with EFTPOS e-Payment and deposit

  • HICAPS e-payment - D4W is crashing, if trying to cancel HICAPS e - payment.

  • It is impossible to select/unselect treatment record after set 'ADA' item in 'Pre-select Invoice items' window.

  • eSystems: Tyro - incorrect service date sent for Medicare Easyclaim transactions

  • D4W Marketing - Phone List Export Format


  • Optimize performance of stored procedures (eChat, Banking) 

  • Optimize clearing of big log tables

  • D4W passwords for Support Engineers (SE) - encode the mobile number

  • D4W API - Initial changes

  • Update Copyright for 2021

  • D4W improving Old Method of Daily Master Password (DMP)

  • D4W Demo - Add Files to D4W Demo D4W API - Initial changes 

  • Code Optimisation - Patient`s conflict procedure

  • Code Optimisation - Improve e-Chat feature

  • CMS MSI - Create an installer for build 4.037

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