UAE: Add a New Provider


Providers must have an Appointment Book setup, and if working directly with Insurance please input the Eclaim peoivder 

  1. Go to Location Management > Providers tab

  2. Operations menu > New Record

  3. Read instructions and click OK to proceed

  4. Fill in the details of the Provider. The following details are required for accurate record-keeping, reporting and claiming

    1. Title
    2. Surname
    3. First Name
    4. Provider Number 
    5. VAT Number
    6. eClaims provider license (eClaims)
    7. Fee Level (only if working with Provider-based Fees)
    8. Appointment Book
    9. Commission (only if to be calculated on reports)
    10. Position 

After adding a Provider, setup the Bank Redirections if applicable 

For easy reference in drop lists throughout the system, change the Code to the providers initials.


Setup Security to access Provider tab 

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