D4W Mobile App: Arrived, Checked In or Checked Out Times


When a patient is marked as Arrived, Checked in or Checked out, the relevant status will be updated on D4W Mobile App.

Tap on Refresh mceclip5.png at lower left corner of the screen if status is not updated.mceclip0.png

mceclip0.png Arrived: This indicates the patient has arrived and is in the waiting room

mceclip1.png Checked In: This indicates the patient is in the treatment room

mceclip2.png  Checked Out: This patient has left the treatment room

mceclip3.png  Late: If turned on, this indicates the patient is late for their appointment


Link Marking Patient as Arrived to a Status

Trigger a Reminder when Patient has not Arrived

Add a Late Icon to Appointments when Patient is Late



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