How to Start and Stop the Dental4Windows / Practice Studio Database Manually


The D4W/PSS database runs on the Server computer through a service that is either

Dedicated Server: Scheduled to start and shutdown automatically each day

Non-Dedicated Server: Starts/Ends upon manual opening and closing of the application on the Server

Below are other ways the database can be started and stopped manually.

BE AWARE stopping the database will result in all client computers with D4W/PSS running losing connection to the database and the application will close itself.


Dedicated Server

  1. With a Dedicated Server install a lightning bolt icon should be on the desktop which that allows the start or shutdown the database.                                                                                    mceclip0.pngmceclip3.png

  2. Double click on this icon and, depending on what build of D4W/PSS, either a 

    1. Grey window with options to  Start or Stop                                                          mceclip0.png

    2. Black window instructing to enter 1 to Start, or 2 to Stopmceclip2.png

  3. Wait a few moments for a message confirming the database has successfully started or stopped.


Non-dedicated server

  1. As mentioned in the introduction, a non-dedicated D4W/PSS database is always started by launching D4W/PSS from it's icon                                                                                               mceclip4.png

  2. To shut it down, simply close the D4W/PSS application. It may take a few minutes for the database to shutdown.

  3. To shutdown the database quickly, close the D4W/PSS application and right click on the lightning bolt icon in the task box found in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

  4. Click Shut down   mceclip6.png

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