National Dental Plan: Process a VIP Application


The patients National Dental Plan application will start from the Treatment plan tab. The patient can only have one application per Treatment Plan.

Submit Humm VIP Application

  1. Go to Patient Records > Treatment Plan tab

  2. Treatment Plan menuNDP Application

    1. Select items to include in the application

    2. Select the Responsible Party – the person responsible for payment

    3. The Deposit amount auto-calculates based on the minimum 20% deposit, or the financed amount to ensure borrowing amount does not exceed $12 000.00 

    4. The Repayments will auto-calculate the fortnightly payments

    5. Enter VIP number

    6. Click Submit Application                                                                            mceclip0.png

    7. A Passcode will show onscreen. Note this down as it will be requested upon application    mceclip2.png

  3. Open the National Dental Plan portal


    1. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

    2. Enter the Passcode 

    3. Click Verify my Access Code                                                                               mceclip3.png

  5. Fill in the blanks on the application form and press Next                                mceclip5.png

  6. When the below window appears, the patient/applicant will receive an SMS and must follow the steps to digitally accept the application. The tick boxes indicated below will update as the patient/applicant progresses through the steps.                                 mceclip7.png         

    1. Advise the patient/applicant to open the Agreement link                                         

    2. Provide the patient with the Unlock Code shown onscreen                                     mceclip9.png

    3. Once the patient accepts the application, the approval will show onscreen   mceclip8.png

    4. Click Yes or No on I confirm the customer has received the goods/services

    5. Click Redirect Now to exit the application

  7. The Merchant/Practice will receive an e-mail with the Agreement

  8. The Patient will receive: 

    1. An SMS containing a link to download the Agreement

    2. An e-mail copy of the Agreement, if e-mail address was entered

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