PatientCare: Analytics


There are various metrics in the PatientCare platform. This article will explain how they are calculated.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Analytics Dashboard

    Various metrics pertaining to your practice, and practitioners are available

    Below is an explanation of the main analytical metricsmceclip0.png
    See statistical information in a Graph form.  mceclip1.png
    1.  Response Rates: Response rate is calculated as the number of responses received from patients divided by the number of total messages sentmceclip4.png

    2. Patient Loyalty: Using the scores collected from your patients, we can determine the NPS score.
    3. Number of Google Reviews: If your practice is sending Google Review requests through PatientCare, we provide a metric in the dashboard which tracks the total number of new reviews generated for your practice each month

      **Note: this number represents the total amount of Google Reviews for your practice, regardless of if the review came directly from a PatientCare request
      If you aren't currently sending Google Review requests to patients through PatientCare and you'd like to begin doing so, please contact
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