National Dental Plan: How to process an Incomplete Application


If the processing of the application cannot be completed all at once. The application can be saved and closed and then opened at later date to complete.

Save and Close Application

Within the applicationmceclip0.png

  1. Click on Hamburger_icon.jpg
  2. Select Save and Close

Complete the Application later

The application can be completed up to 90 days from the initial process of the application. If the ID had been viewed and entered before saving and closing the application, then the application can be completed over the phone.

  1. Go to National Dental Plan website > For Dentists 

  2. Select Seller Portal 

  3. Enter Merchant number and password

  4. Select Incomplete Applications

  5. Select the patient from the listmceclip1.png

  6. Ensure you have the correct application by checking the Customer Informationmceclip2.png

  7. Click Resume Applicationmceclip3.png

  8. The application will open at the point the application was saved

  9. Complete the application as normal


National Dental Plan - Submit an Application


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